Best Quiet Blender Reviews 2023

I would love to blend myself a nice glass of smoothie every morning.

Except that I can’t.


Because my blender is so loud that it would wake my boyfriend up and everyone else in the neighborhood! So, I quietly make myself a sandwich even though what I really want is a fresh cold drink.


I came across an article discussing quiet blenders – appliances using sound dampening technology to reduce the noise. I didn’t know that these things even existed but it’s clear that I need one!

I’ve spent the last few days trying to find the best quiet blender on the market and as always, I want to share my research with you.

Here’s what information I was looking for when reviewing silent smoothie blenders:

  • Whether a product really is quiet
  • What it can blend and how well
  • The length of the warranty

What is the Best Quiet Blender for 2023?

As I’ve said in my previous reviews (about the best juicer and the best mini food processor), it’s important to stick to known brands.

My top three picks are all from reputable companies that have been manufacturing kitchen appliances for years. That said, I’ve also included a couple of blenders from not-so-famous brands as alternative picks.

Quick Note

Most top silent blender products are intended for commercial use. I reached out to Hamilton Beach and Vitamix to enquire whether they would still honor the warranty if their products were purchased for the home.

Good news:

Yes, the warranty is still valid even if you use a commercial product at home!

And now,

Here are the three best quiet blenders for this year.

#1 BlendTec Stealth 885 – the Quietest Blender on the Market in 2023!

BlendTec is known for its innovation and engineering and I love that it’s socially conscious as well:

It donates its blenders to the Kids Cook with Heart Program run by the American Heart Association and the Healthy Kids Concepts that teaches kids the value of healthy locally grown produce.

It also gives blenders to other projects like Ronald McDonald Houses and the Fisher House.

A top pick because…

It’s a powerful yet quiet blender that can handle lots of different foods. It’s cheaper than the other two picks but works just as well (if not better). And it’s a commercial-grade blender designed for home use!

Is it really quiet?

Yes! It is the ultimate quietest blender on the market thanks to its noise blocking feature.

BlendTec uses something called “stealth” technology to reduce the whizzing sound of the blender:

It features a 360° sound enclosure that is sealed and uses an advanced sound-dampening air-flow technology to reduce the noise.

Sounds fancy and complicated, I know, but all that matters is that it really is one of the most quiet blenders I’ve had the opportunity to try.

You can easily carry out a conversation standing right next to it without having to yell:

Its sound level maxes out at around 67 decibels – the level of normal conversation. Regular blenders produce somewhere around 88 dB.

Great for smoothies, juices as well as batters and ice cream

One of the best things about the BlendTec is that it’s a very versatile tool:

It can make smoothies, soups, batters, ice-cream, cocktail mixes, as well as grind nuts and seeds.

Thanks to its powerful 3.8 horsepower motor, it can also grind up any solids put inside with the liquids. Most blenders can’t handle things like large amounts of frozen fruit or ice, but BlendTec can and this is a definite bonus!

I also love this unique feature:

A patented WildSide jar with five sides. The pentagon-shaped jar creates a vortex and pulls the ingredients down instead of pushing the mixture to the sides. This guarantees even blending and processing.

Another positive feature is that it has blunt blades that will not cut my fingers when I am cleaning it.


The BlendTec Stealth 885 comes with a long 10-year warranty, which is super important if you plan to use it daily.

What I don’t like

It’s pretty expensive at near the $1200 price mark. It may not be in everyone’s budget, especially since blenders can be had really cheap.

It’s also pretty heavy, so it can be difficult to move it around in the kitchen. On the other hand, its weight can actually be an advantage since it stops the machine from vibrating or moving when it’s blending foods at high speeds.


The BlendTec Stealth 885 has sleek looks, digital controls, an 11-speed slider for accuracy, 6 pre-programmed cycles and is quietly efficient. It is self cleaning and is super easy to use. Despite its high price, it is my top choice for a new quiet blender.

#2 Vitamix Quiet One – Best Quiet Commercial Blender

How can Vitamix not feature on my list? The company has been producing high-quality blenders since 1921! It was also a pioneer in introducing whole and natural foods in our diet.

A top pick because…

The Quiet One is a top-of-the-line blender that makes excellent fruit and vegetable smoothies.

It is a favorite of restaurants and bars around the world thanks to its speed and efficiency.

Is it really Silent?


The Vitamix is actually a couple of decibels quieter than the BlendTec Pro reviewed above. It dampens the noise with its magnetic noise-proof enclosure that seals tight around the jar.

I’ve heard The Quiet One in action and again, carrying out a conversation while it’s running is not a problem!

Great for smoothies

The Quiet One is not my top pick because it lacks versatility compared to BlendTec :

The unit is only designed for making smoothies and other frozen drinks.

Although it’s powerful enough and lots of people do use it as a food processor (for making soups, pureeing vegetables grinding nuts, etc.), it is NOT meant for that and I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you are, however, looking for a quiet blender for smoothies, this is an excellent product.


The Quiet One has a 3-year limited warranty:

  • It covers the container, blade assembly, and labor for one year.
  • The components are covered for three years.

The short warranty is probably its biggest flaw as Vitamix blenders usually come with a 7 to 10-year warranty.

There’s a simple explanation for the short warranty though:

The Vitamix Quiet One is sold as a commercial blender, which means it’s only intended for commercial settings like bars, smoothie shops, restaurants, etc. Commercial units, including all BlendTec and Hamilton Beach products only come with a maximum 3-year warranty.

If a long warranty is important for you, I’d go for the BlendTec Pro 800.

What I don’t like

Besides the short warranty period, another thing that speaks against the Quiet One is its price:

You’ll have to pay more than $1000 dollars to purchase this unit. Though it is an excellent product for commercial settings, I don’t think the lack of versatility and the short warranty are worth the price for home use. That said, if you’re a die-hard Vitamix fan, the Quiet One is the product for you!


The VitaMix Quiet One is a commercial bar blender that you can easily use at home too. It’s super quiet and comes with a 3-horsepower motor and sharp blades, which easily blend ice and frozen fruits into delicious smoothies. If you aren’t worried about the short warranty, this could be the best quiet blender for you.

#3 The Summit by Hamilton Beach (HBH850)

Hamilton Beach is one of the most respected brands out there and its reputation is only growing. Started in 1910, it is known for its huge range of home and commercial kitchen appliances, including blenders and mixers.

A top pick because…

The Summit is a great commercial-grade blender that offers a lot of power and versatility.

I also love that it is a smart blender. Not only does it come with 10 pre-programmed blending cycles, but it also has a memory card that makes it easy to add custom programs. It has a USB port that can download and update the drink profiles.

Is it really quiet?

Compared to BlendTec and The Vitamix Quiet One, the Summit is noticeably louder. Although this model also uses a shield enclosure to dampen the sound, it’s just not as effective. When compared to regular blenders, though, it’s much quieter.

Great for smoothies and frozen drinks

Like the Vitamix, this Hamilton Beach silent blender is only designed for making smoothies and frozen drinks in commercial settings. It is not suitable for food prepping or blending soups, purees, sauces, etc.

However, it is an excellent smoothie blender:

While most other blenders spin the contents around the walls, leaving chunks of ingredients untouched by the blades, you won’t have the same problem with the Summit.

It uses a patented Wave-Action System, which pushes the mixture towards the blades so that smoothies come out super smooth and creamy every time.


Hamilton Beach’s Summit comes with a lifetime warranty on the stainless-steel blade and motor drive coupling. Other parts and labor are covered under a three-year warranty.

In the continental US, the Summit falls under an Express Warranty, which covers service for the first two years. If your blender breaks and it is a serious issue, they will send a replacement unit so you can keep your business up and running.

Outside of the continental US, the product has a 3-year Global Care Warranty, which covers certain defects in material and workmanship.

What I don’t like

Compared to other silent blenders on this list, the Summit seems to be a bit more difficult to clean. It has deep metal grooves at the bottom of the pitcher that are difficult to clean and can rust.

It’s also very expensive considering its lack of versatility and the short 3-year warranty period.


The Hamilton Beach HBH850 Commercial Summit with automatic shut-off, one-touch sensor blending, cavitation control, and smart features is among the top commercial smoothie blenders. It blends beautifully smooth and creamy drinks, making it the perfect appliance if you are running a café or just want a powerful unit for the home.

Alternative Products to Consider

In my search for the best silent smoothie blenders, I came across a few other good units that are worth considering.

Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz & Personal Single...
  • Significantly quieter than the leading competitors
  • Sound enclosure minimizes noise while blending
  • Powerful 1.6 peak HP motor easily pulverizes ice cubes and tough fruits & vegetables
  • Infinite speed control with pulse
  • Includes dishwasher safe 32 oz. and 20 oz. jars, custom tamper, and recipe book

The Jamba Juice Company prides itself on its health-related appliances and is one of the brands manufactured by the Hamilton Beach Company.

The Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender is one of the highest-rated products on Amazon. Considering its features, it’s no wonder:

  • It comes with a noise-proof enclosure that really does minimize the sounds.
  • It can make smoothies, shakes, sauces, soups, grind nuts and seeds, etc.
  • Designed for home use.
  • Has a 5-year limited warranty.

Unfortunately, this quiet smoothie blender is currently out of stock. If you don’t mind waiting until it comes back for sale, it’s well worth considering.

The Weston 58918 Sound Shield

Weston Sound Shield Pro Series 1.6hp Blender with 32oz + 20oz Blend-in...
  • 1. 6HP of power. A 1. 6 peak horsepower motor lets you blend, crush, grind, mix,...
  • Infinite speed control. Infinite speed control gives consumers the ultimate control...
  • Unique sound shield. Provides noise reduction when blending.
  • Comes with personal jar. This blender also comes with a 20 ounce jar to take your...
  • 5-Year . This blender is backed by a 5-year limited and dedicated Customer Support...

Made by the same company manufacturing Jamba Appliances, the Weston Sound Shield is a great choice for budget-conscious consumers.

It can grind, crush, mix and puree fairly quietly as it comes with a noise dampening shield. Dishwasher safe and with a one-touch simple control, it is easy to use and clean.

I like that it also comes with a personal jar for traveling with a smoothie or beverage. It is not as quiet as a heavy-duty model, but the sound is somewhat muffled and the trade-off is the low price.

Blendtec Pro 795 Blender with Wildside+Jar

Blendtec "Pro" 795 Blender with Wildside+ Jar (90 oz) and Spoonula...
  • Blendtec blenders are built to the highest professional standards. Our patented,...
  • Six pre-programmed walk-away cycles: Batters, Mixed Drinks, Smoothie, Frozen Treats,...
  • BUNDLE Includes BPA-free Wildside+ jar with extra-wide base and narrow fifth "wild"...
  • 8 year comprehensive warranty. An American company, family-owned and driven to build...
  • The Professional 795 operates at a sound level that won’t interrupt. Housed in a...

A slightly lower-end model of the Blendtec Professional 800, the 795 has almost all the same features as the Pro 800:

  • Designed for home use
  • Six pre-programmed cycles
  • 11-speed slider
  • LCD countdown timer

Using the same stealth technology, you can be sure that this blender is much quieter than ordinary blenders.

Although it has a shorter warranty than the Pro 800 (8 years compared to 10), it can be a great deal as sometimes the price varies quite substantially.

Waring Commercial B00BHQSR6U MX1500XTX

Waring Commercial MX1500XTX 3.5 HP Blender with 4 recipe programable...
  • Easy-to-clean, electronic-membrane keypad with blue backlit LCD screen
  • Four reprogrammable beverage stations
  • Adjustable speed controls
  • Unbreakable, polycarbonate sound enclosure included
  • Made in the USA with US and foreign parts.

Another commercial-use blender, the Waring is a powerhouse performer thanks to its high speed and ability to make smooth and creamy smoothies.

The sound enclosure results in low noise when the blender is running, although it can’t compare to the BlendTec or Vitamix products.

The Waring is an easy-to-use blender that can withstand the usage demanded by commercial establishments. I like that it is easy to clean and that it costs a lot less than the top 3 picks reviewed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Which Quiet Blender Brand Is The Best?

In our opinion, the best quiet blenders come from brands like Blendtec, Vitamix, and Hamilton Beach (including the Jamba Appliances line). Weston and Waring are also good brands. All of them produce high-quality blenders, offer excellent customer support, and come with decent warranties.

 How Can A Blender Be Quiet?

Manufacturers use different methods to minimize noise from their blenders’ powerful engines. For example, they may add insulating materials such as rubber to key parts to dampen the noise. Most quiet blenders also come with a protective enclosure that shields the mixer and muffles the whirring sounds.

 What Features Should I Look Out For When Choosing A Quiet Blender?

First, you should make sure that your chosen blender uses real noise-reducing technology to dampen sounds.
Then, check the length of the warranty. If you’re planning to use your blender daily, warranty becomes extremely important. A good quiet blender should have at least a 3-year warranty.

If you want to have manual control over your blender, check that it comes with a pulse feature.

Other things such as the extras a blender comes with, the shape of the mixing jug, or whether it can perform other tasks such as making juicers or mixing batters and ice cream are also worth consideration.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know how many different powerful yet very quiet blenders are available, you can decide for yourself which one will be right for you.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a completely silent blender, but the use of enclosures and sound dampening technology results in much lower sound.

And while all of these blenders are great for making smoothies and blending frozen drinks, most of them are not meant to replace your food processor.

For me, the BlendTec Pro 800 is the best choice as it is reasonably priced, specifically designed for home use, and it can process lots of different foods at unbelievably low noise levels. If you’re looking for a commercial blender, both the Vitamix and the Hamilton Beach’s Summit are a great option.

Karmen is a health and wellness enthusiast from Tartu, Estonia who loves to write about food and nutrition. She got her nutrition counseling certificate in 2016. Karmen shares her partner's passion for cooking and is always looking for ways to make recipes healthier (and meat-free). She's also interested in leading a natural lifestyle and is taking baby steps to a cleaner and more eco-friendly life.

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