PepsiCo’s Bold Stride into a Healthier Future: Embracing Diversity in Ingredients

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By Karmen

PepsiCo announces a major shift to diverse ingredients, expanding its portfolio as part of the Pep+ strategy, aiming to offer healthier, sustainable food and beverage options.

Pepsicos Stride Into A Healthier Future Expanding Into Diverse Ingredients

In an ambitious move marking a significant shift in its product formulation, PepsiCo, one of the global giants in the snacks and beverages sector, has recently announced its plans to significantly expand its portfolio of ‘diverse ingredients.’

This initiative forms a part of the company’s broader Pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) strategy, aiming to transform the way consumers enjoy food and beverages by offering healthier and more sustainable choices.

A Nutritional U-Turn: Embracing Whole Grains, Legumes, and More

Ingredients such as whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and plant-based proteins are renowned for their health benefits. PepsiCo’s drive to incorporate these ingredients into its product line represents a significant pivot towards nutritionally richer and more diverse food choices.

The company’s R&D teams are actively working on integrating these ingredients into various products, marking a paradigm shift in the company’s approach to product development.

A Dual Focus on Health and Sustainability

Under the Pep+ initiative, PepsiCo is not only committing to enhancing the nutritional profile of its products but also aligning with broader sustainability goals.

The company’s plan is to deliver a staggering 145 billion portions of diverse ingredients per year across its portfolio by as early as 2030. Each of these portions will contribute approximately 10% of the recommended daily amount of these healthful ingredients.

The initiative also aligns with the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability, emphasizing biodiversity and soil health improvement in agricultural practices.

Expanding the Existing Range: From Benenuts to Chickpeas

While PepsiCo already boasts a variety of brands like Benenuts and Duyvis, which contain nuts, and Alvalle, a vegetable gazpacho brand, the company is keen on expanding this range.

Sean Westcott, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at PepsiCo Europe, highlighted ongoing efforts to develop products with ingredients like chickpeas and whole-grain corn.

In developing these new products, PepsiCo is adhering to nutritional guidelines set by global and national authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the National Academy of Medicine. This adherence ensures that the products not only cater to consumer tastes but also adhere to the highest standards of nutritional value.

Addressing the Nutritional Deficit in Europe

Westcott acknowledges a current insufficiency in the intake of diverse ingredients like legumes, whole grains, and plant-based proteins across Europe. As one of the leading food and beverage companies globally, PepsiCo is poised to play a significant role in addressing this deficit, contributing to a more nutritionally complete diet for its consumers.

Responding to Evolving Consumer Preferences

Consumer preferences are rapidly evolving, with a growing demand for healthier options that are low in sodium and saturated fats yet rich in authentic and natural ingredients.

PepsiCo’s response to this trend is evident in its successful products like Walkers 45% Less Salt, which has seen rapid growth in the UK market. This product, part of the company’s reduced sodium range, is estimated to be present in 16% of UK households, illustrating the consumer appetite for healthier snacking options.

In line with global health recommendations, PepsiCo has also committed to ensuring that 75% of its food portfolio will meet or fall below the category sodium targets by 2030. This pledge is a testament to the company’s dedication to not only meeting consumer demand but also contributing to the global effort in reducing health risks associated with high sodium intake.

The Future of Snacking: A Balanced Blend of Taste and Health

As PepsiCo continues to innovate and redefine its product offerings, it stands at the forefront of a health and sustainability revolution in the food and beverage industry.

Its commitment to integrating diverse, nutritious ingredients into its products reflects a growing awareness of the critical role food companies play in shaping healthier, more sustainable consumption patterns. This strategic shift not only sets a new standard in the industry but also resonates with the evolving dietary preferences and health consciousness of consumers worldwide.


Karmen is a health and wellness enthusiast from Tartu, Estonia who loves to write about food and nutrition. She got her nutrition counseling certificate in 2016. Karmen shares her partner's passion for cooking and is always looking for ways to make recipes healthier (and meat-free). She's also interested in leading a natural lifestyle and is taking baby steps to a cleaner and more eco-friendly life.

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