Fresh Cravings Unveils Bold New Hummus Flavors in Collaboration with Tajín

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Discover Fresh Cravings’ innovative new hummus flavors: Tajín Chili Lime and Dill Pickle. Now available at Walmart, these unique tastes are bound to redefine game night.

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Fresh Cravings, a dynamic player in the snacking industry, has once again made waves in the culinary world. This family-owned brand, renowned for its innovative approach to snacking, has introduced two new hummus flavors: Tajín Chili Lime and Dill Pickle.

These flavors, now available at Walmart stores nationwide, are not just additions to their product line but represent a bold move in flavor innovation and collaboration.

The Tajín Chili Lime Hummus

In an exciting collaboration with Tajín, the leading chili lime seasoning brand in the USA and Mexico, Fresh Cravings has crafted the Tajín Chili Lime Hummus.

This flavor is a unique blend of Mexican-inspired spices, marrying the boldness of Tajín’s Clásico Seasoning—a 100% natural mix of chili peppers, lime, and sea salt—with the traditional richness of hummus. The result is a product that delivers a Mexican twist to the classic hummus, offering consumers a unique, zesty flavor profile.

Nicole Parker, President of Fresh Cravings, emphasized the brand’s dedication to offering original recipes and unique snacking experiences. This collaboration with Tajín is a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of hummus flavor innovation.

Parker notes that these new flavors align with the brand’s mission to provide high-quality, unique snacking options that can be shared with loved ones during special moments.

Dill Pickle Hummus

The Dill Pickle Hummus is another innovative creation, adding a tangy pickle-flavored twist to the brand’s beloved Classic Hummus.

Designed for pickle enthusiasts, this hummus variant combines classic ingredients with a tantalizing dill pickle flavor accentuated by a hint of garlic. This variant showcases Fresh Cravings’ ability to innovate while staying true to traditional hummus flavors.

Rising to New Heights in the Snack Industry

Fresh Cravings stands out as the fastest-growing brand in the refrigerated dips sector, boasting the highest absolute dollar growth among all hummus brands.

A unique aspect of their products is the use of Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which, along with high-quality ingredients like chickpeas and savory tahini, contributes to a smooth, nutty flavor that sets their hummus apart.

The two new hummus flavors are more than just additions to a snack lineup; they represent a culinary innovation that blurs the lines between traditional and modern, between homegrown and global flavors. Fresh Cravings’ hummus can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from pairing with fresh veggies and pita bread to being a part of memorable gatherings with family and friends.

The Fresh Cravings Legacy

Launched in 2015, Fresh Cravings began with a line of refrigerated salsas crafted as an answer to the mundane jarred salsas found in stores. With a focus on nutrient-dense vegetables and a variety of heat levels and flavors, the brand quickly gained popularity.

Today, Fresh Cravings is a major national brand, sold in over 12,000 retail locations, offering a range of products, including authentic-tasting chilled salsas, flavor-filled hummus, unique plant-based vegan dips, and veggie-packed creamy dips.

The brand’s commitment to quality and flavor has consistently outperformed the competition in purchase intent and preference in double-blind sensory testing.


The introduction of Tajín Chili Lime and Dill Pickle Hummus by Fresh Cravings at Walmart marks a significant moment in the snack industry. These flavors not only expand the brand’s product lineup but also showcase an innovative approach to combining traditional hummus with unique, bold flavors.

As a family-owned brand, Fresh Cravings continues to push the boundaries of snacking, offering high-quality, flavorful options that cater to a variety of tastes and occasions.


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