6 Secrets to Make Your Favorite Dishes Deliciously Healthy

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Unlock the secrets to guilt-free indulgence. Discover 6 game-changing tips to elevate your beloved recipes into nutritious delights, without compromising on flavor.

6 Secrets to Make Your Favorite Dishes Deliciously Healthy

We all have those comfort foods, which are perhaps not ideal for our health and beauty – weight gain and spots anyone? – but which we do really enjoy, and which can make us feel better when things are not going so well. So, do we have to give them up to be healthy? Not necessarily. It’s perfectly possible to make most of our favorite dishes a little (or a lot) more healthy with a few simple tweaks, as you will see below.

1. Welcome the Air Fryer with Open Arms

If you want to be able to cook the foods you love the most, and which satisfy your appetite better than the average diet food, then one thing you absolutely do need in your kitchen is an air fryer. 

The air fryer is a great tool that allows you to transform your favorite, not-so-healthy comfort foods into diet and health-friendly dishes. From crispy French fries to golden-brown chicken wings, or even this air fryer chicken parmesan everyone will love, you really can continue to enjoy your favorite comfort dishes without having to worry about how your clothes fit or if all of that grease will cause your skin to break out. It’s a brilliant investment.

2. Swap Cream with Greek Yogurt

A jar full of yogurt which is one of the immune-boosting foods to eat during recovery
Yogurt contains probiotics that are great for restoring gut health.

Next time you are reaching out for that heavy cream to add a rich note to your pasta and soup dishes, redirect yourself to the Greek yogurt instead. This simple swap will mean that you still get the creamy, rich, and slightly tangy texture/flavor combo you are after, while also packing in a beneficial dose of probiotics and slashing the calories. It’s also packed with protein that is great for the skin.

3. Embrace Whole Grains

It doesn’t get simpler than swapping out those refined grains like white rice, for wholegrain versions instead, and doing so will add more fiber to your meals, while also keeping you fuller for longer and ensuring you can still have that chicken friend rice or pesto pasta you adore. Trust me, your skin and waistline will thank you too!

4. The Herbal Magic

Health Benefits Of Spices

When it comes to adding flavor without adding lots of calories, and while also ensuring your body gets as many healthy and beauty-aiding nutrients as possible, you cannot beat the magic health benefits of herbs and spices. Not only do they elevate the taste, but herbs like turmeric and cinnamon come with potent health and beauty benefits, such as less inflamed skin, so you cannot lose by using them more in your cooking.

5. Veggie-Fy Your Dishes

Add a colorful array of veggies to your favorite dishes. It’s a fun and easy way to increase the nutritional content of your meal, adding essential vitamins and minerals that foster beautiful skin and hair at the same time. 

6. Lean on Lean Proteins

Replace higher-fat meats with lean proteins like turkey, chicken, or fish. These proteins provide essential nutrients without the added fats, helping maintain a healthy weight and promoting skin health, while still allowing you to enjoy dishes like cheeseburgers and katsu chicken curry in moderation.

Enjoy Healthy Foods!

By making a few smart choices, you can still enjoy all of the comforts of your favorite dishes without the calories or skin worries, so what are you waiting for? Time to get cooking!


Karmen is a health and wellness enthusiast from Tartu, Estonia who loves to write about food and nutrition. She got her nutrition counseling certificate in 2016. Karmen shares her partner's passion for cooking and is always looking for ways to make recipes healthier (and meat-free). She's also interested in leading a natural lifestyle and is taking baby steps to a cleaner and more eco-friendly life.

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